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Proper Internet promotion will help you to increase your hits and drive traffic to your Web site. Announcements and publicity are key components towards this endeavor, and are the least costly. Banner advertisements take promotion to the next level. Our banner ad section is for advertisers and entrepreneurs alike.

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Marketing 2.0: Gaming, Widgets, Blogging, RSS, Podcasts and More
A shift in demographics has pushed a post-dot-com generation to seek an online experience with an emphasis on entertainment. With the number of people growing up with gaming, it can be a familiar way to teach new concepts. By Sandy Carter. 0119
The New Vessels: The New Language of Marketing 2.0
The new vessels, which include blogs, games, social networks, and other Web 2.0 mechanisms, involve listening, cultivating, and participating in the continuous dialogue among customers. By Sandy Carter. 0112
Email Marketing Terms to Know
When evaluating email marketing applications, it's important to know some of the buzzwords so you're properly informed. As a small business owner, you'll greatly benefit from email marketing, since it helps you stay in contact with your current or potential clients and can greatly increase sales. By Robert Burko. 1229
Search Engines 101: Paid Vs. Natural Search
When people become involved in Internet marketing one of the things that comes up are the differences between natural and paid search. Both strategies have their pros and cons and can be very effective as part of a marketing strategy. By Terry Stanfield. 1222
Web 2.0 Tools
While the Web has always been a tool for collaboration, only in the last few years has software permitted individuals to use it as a platform for true collaborative activities. By Paul Scott. 1216
Build Your Online Business with Opt-In Lists
Opt-in lists, sometimes known as permission based marketing is an effective way of building your business. In this article, you'll learn the different ways of collecting data for ongoing campaigns. By Steve Renner. 1020
Blogging: How to Make Sense Out of WordPress Options
Have you ever wanted to use WordPress? You might be surprised to discover that there are three versions of the program. Read on to find out which one is right for you. By Claude Pelanne. 0909
Web Hosting Control Panels
Web hosting is a highly competitive field. Extra features, such as free domain names, site builder and pricing vary widely, but the control panel makes a difference and you have to pick the service which suits your requirements. By IHBO. 0701
Use Your Blog for Fast Search Engine Rankings
If you run a Web site and are looking to get it listed quickly with the search engines, there's no easier way than to also include a blog. By Terry Detty. 0625
How to Build a Profitable Opt-In List
One of the most important aspects of having an online business is a good opt-in list. To have a list is one thing, to make it successful is another. In this article you'll learn how to create an opt-in list - the right way. By Christina Lang. 0527
Email Marketing for MySpace Artists
The competition for attention on MySpace is intense. Many artists want to stand out from the crowd, but it can be difficult to break through the clutter. Enter email marketing, which gives artists the ability to send out newsletters, targeted email campaigns and more. By Robert Burko. 0423
Black Hat Techniques
As search engine optimization has grown more popular, so has the use of unethical SEO techniques. After you've read this, you'll know what techniques are underhanded and which are acceptable. By Terry Detty. 0321
How to Gain the Trust of Your List
When building a list, a key ingredient is to consistently offer valuable and products and services, free of charge. Doing so will enable you to obtain the trust of your clients. This article shows you how. By Steve Renner. 0312
Why Trackbacks are Useful For Blogs
This week we're going to look at trackbacks - what they are, how they work, why they're important to blog traffic and how to get more. By Terry Detty. 0225
Metrics with Email Marketing Software
With the right email marketing application, the days of blindly conducting marketing are a thing of the past. In this article you'll learn about several key methods of using the reports from your email marketing application to boost your results. By Robert Burko. 0220
How to Write and Publish Articles for the Internet
Want to generate more traffic? Write articles. Articles are a great way answer client questions, drive traffic to your Web site and be seen as an expert in your field. By Terry Stanfield. 0114
Top Online Marketing Techniques
In this article you'll learn about several effective online marketing techniques (such as article writing for ezines, blogging, joint ventures, etc.) and how to implement them. By Terri Seymour. 0107
The Top 5 Email Marketing Uses In 2007
Email marketing experienced another year of explosive growth. With so many new businesses putting email marketing software to work, there's been increased activity in almost every vertical market imaginable. By Robert Burko. 1231
How to Get Great Search Engine Rankings
Once you've chosen your business and purchased a domain name the next step is to find useful and relevant keywords. This article gives you ten useful tips on how to optimize your Web pages. By Brandon Leibowitz. 1228
How to Make Money from Blogging
Want to make money from blogging? Check out this article which explores the options open to you as a blogger, as well as the different revenue and affiliate programs available. By John Matthew. 1206
15 Profitable Ways to Use Autoreponders
This week we look at several ideas to creatively and productively use your autoresponder to transform the casual visitor into a profitable customer. By Nelson Tan. 1126
How to Promote Your Product with Organic Search
Pay-per-click marketing is often quite expensive and is one of the major complaints of small businesses. An alternative? Work at improving your organic search results. By Michael Fleischner. 1119
How to Upload Your Photos onto the Web
Want to create galleries to show off your photos online? Check out the various services in this article. By John P. Matthew. 1112
How To Increase Traffic to Your Blog
One important topic for blog owners is how to increase traffic, which is easier than it seems, once you know how. In this article, you'll learn about 7 effective methods. By Terry Detty. 1105
Blogging: The Free Internet Marketing Method
Blogging is one of the easiest ways to get your message noticed on the Web. While blogging has now become a hot method for teens to broadcast their thoughts, it's also a great Internet marketing tool. By Rodney T. 1010
How to Add UK Address Lookups to Online Forms
Most consumer Web sites contain a form used to collect postal addresses. This article demonstrates how a UK address can be automatically filled from the postal code or known part of the address, using the PostCoder Web SOAP service from Allies Computing Ltd. By Drew Clayton. 0815
How to Create a Great Autoresponder Letter Series
An autoresponder letter series, if written properly, can make you some serious money on the Internet. Studies have proven that most consumers buy only after repeated exposure to a product. This repeated exposure helps you to gain their trust enough to buy from you. By Debbie Drucker. 0725
Cost Effective Web Marketing
When promoting your Web site you want to make sure visitors will want to return again. To make that happen, you need to address many aspects of promotion, such page layout, site preparation, optimization, seo strategies, etc., which are covered in this article. By Rajesh Tavarki. 0716
How To Quickly Build Opt-In Email Lists
Opt-in email lists not only allows you to instantly test an idea and get immediate results, but it also gives you the ability to maintain traffic and hits during slow periods. By Terry Detty. 0710
12 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Web Site
Building Web site traffic is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful online presence. An important key is learning how to maximize your visibility which you'll learn about in this article. By Kristina Mills. 0531
Blogs: What's Hot, What's Not
Although podcasting has surpassed the popularity of blogging, that doesn�t mean blogging is a dying art. If you take the time to browse around the Internet, you�ll see that blog hosting communities are still rapidly growing. In this article, the author looks at several popular blogging applications. 0507
An Introduction to Autoresponders
If you've reached the point of exhaustion trying to keep up with answering mountains of email, you're ready to learn about autoresponders. Using them properly can make a huge difference to your bottom line. To learn more, read on. By Alex Perez-Prat. 1221
10 Big Benefits Of A Busy Business Blog
Despite research to the contrary, few businesses seem to be willing to set up and run their own blog. In this article YOu'll learn about ten reasons why and what kinds of benefits you can expect. By Matt Jackson. 1211
Banner Ad Location Study
Graduate students at the University of Michigan School of Business Administration, in cooperation with Athenia Associates, published this study in 1997 that raises important issues about banner ad placement. Moving ads increased click-through rates from 77 to 228%.
Banners are Blunted - Other Options for Buyers and Sellers
The banner ad is losing its appeal - but what are the other options for ads on the Net? Read on and let Adam Laitt show you more about online advertising.
Cashing in on Unused Domain Names
Are your unused domains worth real money? Is this sometimes lucrative, sometimes controversial business right for you? Lee Hodgson offers some practical advice for jumping into the domain name game.
Credit Card Snafus! Tons of Dog Food! What's Going On Online?
B.L. Ochman shows us that not planning for the success of your Website can be the same as planning for failure.
Encouraging Community On Your Web Site Through Experience
Michelle Moore reminds us that community building is one of the most effective ways to both attract users and keep 'em coming back.
Getting Back to Basics
Erich Hugo lays out some strong opinions - that e-businesses shouldn't waste their money taking on the world with banner ads, but should instead focus on the basics.
Newbies - Don't Let Anyone Kick Sand in Your Face!
Byron Hunte provides information about promotion for those just starting out in the e-business world that he wishes someone had told him long ago.
Online Branding: Developers and Designers Hold the Key
Wanda Cummings covers online branding - it's not just for Fortune 500 sites, and can make the difference between keeping and losing your site's visitors.
Selling Advertising on Your Site
Adam Laitt shows us around the online advertising world. If you're ready to start advertising, you need to consider what you are selling, how you're serving it up, how much you're charging and how you're going to find someone to pay for it.
Seven Strategies for Building and Managing an Internet Business
More and more small businesses are getting online every day. But for the "un-wired" business owner, setting up shop on the Web can be an intimidating task. Amy Flynn lays out seven strategies for building an on-line presence for small businesses.

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