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ASP.NET Articles, Tutorials and Reviews

Active Server Pages (ASP) are a server-side scripting technology primary developed to work under IIS (Internet Information Server). Third party products exist enabling the use of ASP on other server platforms. ASP enables the server to deliver dynamic, database driven content to the end user with minimal effort.


Handling Exceptions with ASP.NET
Exceptions can make Web applications useless from a user's perspective, but understanding how to prevent and handle exceptions can make the de-bugging process easier.
Using with the jQuery Globalization Plugin in ASP.NET
The jquery-globalization-plugin provides globalization support to ASP.NET applications that can use JavaScript.
Squeezing the Most Out of the Ajax Control Toolkit's Accordion Tool
The Accordion Control is one of the many useful controls that comprise the Ajax Control Toolkit.
Creating an Audit Record Application with ASP.NET
Learn how to implement an audit history of employee records that have been updated using ASP.NET.
Passing Complex Data Types in ASP.NET Ajax
Take advantage of the power and flexibility of ASP.NET Ajax and JSON to easily pass complex data types.
Creating a Custom Human Resources Application with ASP.NET
Build your own custom job-listing HR solution with ASP.NET, complete with a database connection, an administrative backend and a webpage to show all current job openings.
Create Your First Windows Presentation Foundation Application
Get an introduction to the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) framework by building a simple application that explores its new controls.
Manipulating DOM Elements Using jQuery and Visual Studio
Learn how you can manipulate DOM elements in your Web page with jQuery using Visual Studio. Code examples are provided for reference.
Creating a Web-based Schedule with ASP.NET
Learn how to create a dynamic Web-based schedule with ASP.NET and SQL Server.
Creating an ASP.NET Registration and Confirmation System
Developing a customized Web application that allows for registration and then sends an email confirmation is relatively simple with ASP.NET.
Script-based Database Interaction for Your ASP.NET Website
Explore how ASP.NET interacts with databases by managing data in various scripts.
Build a Searchable Online Employee Directory with ASP.NET
Use this step-by-step guide to create a searchable online employee directory using ASP.NET and database-driven result pages.
Create a Help Desk Web Application Using ASP.NET
Use this step-by-step guide to build an ASP.NET help desk application using a database-driven approach that ensures easy maintenance and scalability.
Creating a WSDL File and Clients for Your ASP.NET Web Service
Go inside the WSDL file for a Web service and then learn how to create both Web- and desktop-based clients to consume the service.
Using jQuery to Implement Animations in ASP.NET
Learn how to use jQuery to create and then implement animations in your ASP.NET Web pages with Visual Studio.
Create Your First ASP.NET Web Service
Learn how to create a simple Web service using ASP.NET and then integrate it with a database on the backend.
Use jQuery to Build Ajax-enabled ASP.NET Controls
Implement an ASP.NET Ajax application that uses Ajax and jQuery to call a Web handler and dynamically retrieve JSON data.
Create an E-newsletter Signup System with ASP.NET
Learn how to create an e-newsletter signup system in ASP.NET that gives users a personalized newsletter and subscriber flexibility.
Sending an HTML and Plain Text E-newsletter with ASP.NET, Part 2
Using ASP.NET and a database, you can create an electronic newsletter and send it to multiple recipients at once.
Debugging and Tracing in ASP.NET Ajax
Debugging ASP.NET Ajax applications is a challenge because they contain both server-side and client-side code. Get some helpful tips for using debugging and tracing in ASP.NET Ajax applications.
Working with Authentication and Profile Services Using Ajax
Have you ever wanted to use the profile object in ASP.NET to store the user's profile information for later retrieval and usage? Joydip Kanjilal shows you how to work with the authentication and profile services using Ajax.
Working with Ajax Server Extensions
Learn how to work with the ASP.NET Ajax Server Extensions Framework, a collection of server controls and services that extend the functionality of the ASP.NET core.
Working with Exceptions using ASP.NET Ajax
Exception handling is a technique that enables you to handle runtime errors. This article discusses exception blocks, best practices and how to handle exceptions efficiently using the ASP.NET Ajax framework.
New Features in ASP.NET Ajax 4.0
Ajax has quickly become a technology of choice for building fast and responsive user interfaces. This article looks at the new features introduced in ASP.NET Ajax 4.0 with code examples wherever applicable.
Working with Partial Page Updates in ASP.NET Ajax
Partial-page rendering can be used to refresh only a portion of your web page rather than the entire page. This article discusses how you can implement partial page updates using the Update Panel control and how you can use the Update Progress control in conjunction with the Update Panel control to enhance the user experience.
Excerpt from ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed
This chapter provides you with an overview and introduction to the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework. The goal of this chapter is to explain why you should build web applications using ASP.NET MVC.
Sending an HTML and Plain Text E-newsletter with ASP.NET
If you're familiar with HTML and CSS, using ASP.NET, you can develop an e-newsletter easily as long as you keep the expectations of what can be achieved visually through email within reason. This article takes a completed web page and integrates the HTML markup into an ASP.NET web form that sends the email to a recipient of your choice.
Creating a ASP.NET Contact Form
Learn how to create an ASP.NET contact form that will allow you to capture specific information, validate form fields using client and server side languages and then send the results to specified recipient(s).
Consuming a Web Service using ASP.NET Ajax
A web service is a platform-independent software component that is based on the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and contains a group of functions that are packaged together for use in a common framework throughout a network. Read on to learn how Web Services can be consumed using ASP.NET Ajax.
Introducing jQuery
This article is the first in a series discussing jQuery - an open source JavaScript library, its features and how easily it can be integrated with Ajax and the ASP.NET MVC Framework to build applications that are rich, interactive and responsive.
Introducing the ASP.NET Ajax Frameworks
Ajax is a popular technology that is used in many different ways on the World Wide Web. It has become a technology of choice for building fast and responsive user interfaces. This article takes a brief look at the features of some of the more widely used ASP.NET Ajax frameworks.
Installing the ASP.NET Engine, Editor, and Database System
Three components need to be installed to work with the ASP.NET examples, the .NET Framework, the Visual Web Developer and SQL Server 2005. In addition, your computer must be running Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008. By Scott Mitchell.
Getting Started with ASP.NET 3.5
ASP.NET is a Web programming technology pioneered by Microsoft that allows developers to create dynamic Web pages. Here, you'll find out how to create dynamic ASP.NET Web sites quickly and easily. By Scott Mitchell.
10 Reasons to Develop in ASP
Thinking about using ASP? Still looking to be convinced? Author Alan Mendelevich provides a personal top 10 list of reasons to make the leap. From the Webreference Update newsletter.
Adding Features to your ASP Site
Alan Mendelevich returns with an another introductory ASP article. Learn to add some of the most popular features to your ASP-based site: a feedback form, a "recommend to a friend" feature and a 404 error reporter. From the Webreference Update newsletter.
Debugging and Tracing in ASP.NET
Guest author Utpal Chakraborty discusses the debugging tools available to ASP.NET developers.
Encapsulating Your ASP Page: One Common Method for Database Access to SQL Server and Oracle
Kathy Pendracky tells us how to use ASP and ADO in conjunction with databases.
Event Logging in .NET
The .NET API for event logging is discussed and improved upon in this follow-up to our previous debugging and tracing article.
The Path to ASP
Convinced that you're going to try ASP, but not sure how to get started? In Alan Mendelevich's third ASP article, he leads you down to the road to ASP development, easing you into the basics. From the Webreference Update Newsletter.
SOM - Your New Baby
Gordon Rose provides a look at the SOM, Microsoft's scripting object model, and shows you how to nurture this technology into a bundle of Web development joy.
Uploading Images using HTML and ASP
Jos Vernon of WebSuperGoo teachs you how to allow image uploads to your site, using standard HTML and off-the-shelf ASP extensions.
Using VBScript to define and control JavaScript on Active Server Pages
Jerry Gray shows us how to "Mix and Match", using VBScript and JavaScript together on Active Server Pages.
Yahasp, a PerlHoo Alternative
Webref's Perl guru, Jonathan Eisenzopf looks at other approaches to creating his Yahoo-like PerlHoo directory. Yahasp provides developers with an ASP VBscript alternative.

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