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The Ultimate Keyword Optimization Guide
This week you'll learn about Web behaviour exhibited by many users and how to capitalize on that by devising keywords and phrases to boost targeted traffic (and sales). Topics covered are keyword research, related words, misspelled words and more. 0314
Receprocal Linking Fraud
Reciprocal linking is a strategy that Web marketing specialists use for the purpose of generating higher search engine positioning and more site traffic. It's also become a favorite technique for fraud since some Web sites try to outwit their linking partners. By Monica Lorica. 0221
Facts You Never Knew About Yahoo, Google, Ask Jeeves, and AllTheWeb
Nearly 85% of all knowledge obtained online starts with somebody doing research on one or more search engines. This week you'll learn about the history of some popular search engines and the importance of using search engines to grow your business. By Shirley Kelly. 0214
Why Most Niche Template Sites Don't Work
Niche marketing is one of the hot new trends on the Internet these days. This type of marketing offers a lot of potential, but it's easy to get lost in the crowd. This week you'll learn what it takes to succeed. By Ken Nadreau. 0131
SEO Baptism of Fire
SEO is one of the great challenges facing webmasters these days. Many books have been written about it and there are some compelling success stories. But what's involved? Here's an inside look at one couple's experience. By Webwings Internet Marketing. 0125
Search Us: Adding Search Engines to Browser Search Toolbars
On this page are links that will allow you to add several of our Jupitermedia Web development sites to the search bar of your Mozilla, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 7 (as of this writing) search bar. A tutorial is included. By Dan Ragle. 0906
Generating More Search Engine Traffic
Want to boost your traffic? Learn how to improve your rankings by creating a list of specific keywords, create a theme based content site, use the Overture Search Tool and more. By Robert Spadinger. 0630
Search Engine Optimization with Google Sitemaps
If you've been looking for a way to optimize your Web site, check out Google Sitemaps. Among other things, you can tell Google how important a given page is relative to others and you can learn what Google thinks of your Web site! By Matthew Coers. 0602
Review: Web Link Validator
Broken links can become a major headache for web developers, especially if a site is rich with links. If you have a large site, have a look at Web Link Validator, a software program designed to automatically check the integrity of all links within your web site. By Lee Underwood. 0520
Review: FTPEditor Pro 3.1
Small edits of web pages can be a cumbersome task, especially if you have to correct a grammar or spelling mistake. Usually, you have to open the file in an editing program, correct the mistake, save the file and upload it. Now, there's a way to bypass much of this work using FTPEditor. By Lee Underwood. 0223
Book Review: Web ReDesign 2.0 Workflow that Works
Redesigning a Web site is often a challenging task, which can easily become mired in difficulties. In this review, you'll learn about several important site redesign concepts, such as defining the project, developing site structure, how to design a visual interface and more. By Lee Underwood. 0216
Review: WebDrive v6.05
Uploading and downloading files is a common task for a webmaster. Normally that's accomplished by using one of several programs, but here's another solution - WebDrive, which integrates WebDAV, FTP, or SFTP servers into the Windows desktop by mapping them to a network drive letter. By Lee Underwood. 0126
Is Your Domain Name Safe?
Recent news reports have claimed that the ownership of domain names may be in jeopardy, the result of policy changes by ICANN regarding the transfer of domain names between registrars. But is there a reason to be concerned? Read on to find out. By Lee Underwood. 0106
Review: Perlfect Search
When designing Web sites, one of the goals is to provide effective navigation to aid visitors in finding what they want, such as creating a site map or an internal search engine. One solution to the search engine issue is to use scripts, in this case, Perlfect Search. By Lee Underwood. 1213
Software Review: Advanced Web Ranking
The strategy of obtaining high search engine results for a Web site is known as search engine optimization (seo). Once you've selected and implemented your keywords, you need to be able to track them, which could be a time intensive process. Enter the Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) application, a program created for that very purpose. By Lee Underwood. 1108
The Basics of Domain Names
Most people know what domain names are but few understand what having one entails. In this article, you will learn about the various types of domain names, formatting, registration issues, domain pointing and more. By Lee Underwood. 1028
Web Site Cloaking and Search Engines
Cloaking, according to Webopedia and Google, is where the page delivered to search engines is different from the one displayed to visitors. The purpose? To hide content from search engines. But should you use it? By Lee Underwood. 0920
Search Engine Basics v.1.0
As a web developer, it's important to know how search engines work. While the details are complex, we'll look into the basics of crawler-based search engines (this involves a certain amount of speculation as the exact calculations are a closely guarded secret). By Lee Underwood. 0909
The Inner Workings of Robots, Spiders, and Web Crawlers
Robots, a.k.a. spiders or Web crawlers are used to feed data to a user, such as Google. Most robots are useful, but some, such as EmailSiphon and Cherry Picker are spambots. Here, you'll learn what robots do and how to gain control over them. By Lee Underwood. 0824
A Brief History of Search Engines
Having a good search engine is similar to having the Yellow Pages, a guide book and a road map all-in-one. But how did the search engine come into being? To learn more about its orgins, read on. By Lee Underwood. 0816
An Interview with Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Expert
This interview is the beginning of a series on search engines. We'll briefly look at their history, and delve into some of the techniques of optimizing Web sites for search engines. By Lee Underwood. 0812
HTML Unleashed PRE: Strategies for Indexing and Search Engines
Some webmasters claim that more than a half the total traffic on their sites comes from search engines. The importance of this free and efficient web advertisement tool cannot be denied.
Search Engines
Search engines automatically index the Web to create searchable databases. Relevance can be raised using various means, including analyzing backlinks.
DT>To Pay or Not to Pay – That is the Search Engine Question
How 1 Search Engine listing can be worth 1,000
Search Engines
What they Are, How They Work, and Practical Suggestions for Getting the Most Out of Them.
Featuring different articles on search engines, including the "Webmaster's guide to search engines" about how search engines index your site, tips on improving your ranking, and how to maintain good search engine design.
Choosing Keywords
The keywords you choose for your website has a large impact on how your site will perform in search engines. This article outlines some strategies to help you choose your keywords, where to place them in your site, and a few things you should avoid.

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