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JavaScript Tools

These JavaScript code-generating tools make creating useful JavaScript code a snap. Ranging from the Doc's bookmarklet's tool, to rollovers, and menus (popup and hierarchical), these tools can help you enhance your site in a jiffy.

Perhaps the best kept secret in JavaScript, bookmarklets are one-line scripts attached to links that are easy to create and fun to use. Create your own bookmarklets with our new interactive tool. By Tomer Shiran.
Browser Sniffer
Try out our new browser sniffer, that reports useful info about your browser, and key object and methods supported, essential from creating cross-browser gracefully degradable scripts. Includes tutorials on working with various JavaScript objects/functions. By Andrew King.
Dialog Boxes
This tool automatically creates the code you need to add custom cross-browser dialog boxes (alert, confirm, prompt, and our own IEBox) to your site for that polished professional look. For Windows users only. By Peter Belesis.
News Fader
Add a customizable news fader to your site with our newest Web-based tool. Compatible with News Harvester, this cool tool lets you configure your own fader interactively, and automatially spits out the code, just cut and paste! Available for all DHTML browsers and platforms. By Peter Belesis.
Pop-up Menu Builder
Enter your options and this tool automatically creates cross-browser live pop-up menus. By Dr. Yehuda Shiran.
Automatically generate the code you need to launch a popup window or remote using JavaScript. This in-page tool lets you tweak the various window variables to your heart's delight to get it just right and can load any URL into the remote. By Tomer Shiran.
Rollover Builder
Instant JavaScript Rollovers - just add water! The Doc's new cool tool lets you build custom link rollovers the easy way for Netscape 6.X and IE 4.X+. Pick your parameters, and the tool creates the code. Cut, paste and roll away! By Tomer and Yehuda Shiran.
Search Remotes
Put an end to old fashion Web searching with the Doc's new search remote builder. Wherever you're surfing just select some text, click a button, and presto you're searching the Web with your favorite search engines. By Dr. Yehuda Shiran.
Universal Related Popup Menus
Upgrade today to the latest version of our related popup menus: change one "parent" menu and all submenus are redefined. A complete rewrite, version 2 features unlimited submenus and multiple menus per page. And of course, it's open source, so keep those ideas coming. By Andy King.
Window Builder Tool
Is he a doctor or a mechanic? Sometimes it's hard to tell - when he's not dishing up scripting prescriptions, he's building new tools. Spawn new browser windows the JavaScript way, with the Doc's new WindowBuilder tool. By Dr. Yehuda Shiran.

Created: Dec. 7, 2000
Revised: October 6, 2003