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Services and Scripts to Increase Productivity

Think of this as a one-stop Web site lube and tune shop, only without the high prices. Shrink your graphics, look up domain names, check your HTML, and more. All conveniently in one place.

Domain Gateways
Domain Name Services. Look up potential domain names with our Web-based WHOIS search. Search for existing domains using our Web-based NSLOOKUP form.
Freeze pages from the Web so they can be recalled in their exact form at a later time or date.
Search for all types of tech-related jobs.
Our reference section has some of the best resources for finding Web development/design-related information.
RSS Newsfeeds
A list of the RSS newsfeeds from and the channel. Very comprehensive
Some of the scripts (free) we use on cross-reference script feedback forms, signup scripts, popup menus, and more.
Search this site,, or the entire Web using the power of Autonomy, and other search engines.
Validate your Web site using one of several validation services.