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About Production Graphics with Wendy Peck at Webreference.com.

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About Production Graphics
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What is Production Graphics?

Production Graphics is a column written with the professional graphics designer in mind. This is not the place to find a 75 action technique that would be perfect for the entry page of a high sci-fi site. I have worked as a graphic designer, making my living through graphics and teaching for over 10 years. That makes me very practical. I would rather spark an idea that would make you say, "not bad," but use it three times next week, saving an hour or two, than make you say, "Cooooool, Wendy," yet never use it for a client.

Who is Wendy Peck?



What, you don't know my name? OK, of course you don't. Until now I have been teaching a few people at a time, but I have been in the design world most of my life. I started back when graphic arts was lots of Letraset® and patience. I actually trained for Fashion Design, but gathered plenty of manual graphics experience producing patterns and instructions in the fashion world. In the late 80's I saw my first desktop publishing demonstration. Good-bye fashion! (Would you believe my first hard drive was an amazing 40mb.)

I have been in the commercial computer graphics world since 1989, and have taught illustration, layout and paint programs at the college level and for corporate clients since 1991. I am also a business and marketing teacher, so my approach to graphics is very practical - we can't stay in business if we work for 20 hours and can only bill for 5.

My day job is quite varied. I do a lot of subcontracting for Web design and strategy, some full site work, a lot of writing and quite a bit of Web research and marketing strategy. No two days are alike, and I find that all my experience goes into all work that I do. Marketing skill helps my graphic design, design experience feeds my site strategy and the writing experience finds a place in every job. My goal is to bring a fresh and practical view to this business of graphic design for you.

What will I do?


I will try to cover each topic in good depth. How can you use it? Where can you use it? Where can I get what I need to use it? Where can I see other examples of this in use? I will not be recommending that you buy filters and plug-ins to create your graphics, though if there is one that will accomplish what I am discussing in one stroke, I will mention it. I will also be on the lookout for those wonderful freeware and $20 programs that you wonder how you did without. Many are a waste of download time. Some are gems. I will also be watching for important news and generally great hints and tips for pro designers.

What can you do?

Feedback form



That's what I can do. Now, for this series to be truly valuable, I need to hear from you. As an instructor, the first thing I ask my class is, "What would you like to learn." I take the answers and the course outline and find a way to make it all fit. Let me know what you want to learn and I will do my best to build topics on that basis.

Then, show us what you have done. Write back and let me know how you have taken a technique and made it your own. I will create a space so that you can share your ideas with others. Send in URLs, notes on techniques, screen shots, program files. As space permits, I will include them on a special page within each technique. Make sure that you check back often to see what your counterparts around the world are doing with the information they learn here.

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