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Universal Related Popup Menus

Universal Related Popup Menus v 2.2


This document describes the features, techniques, and tradeoffs behind WebReference.com's Universal Related Popup Menus and Scrolling Select Lists (URPM). URPM provide a compact way to represent two or more levels of Web site hierarchy in one line, and degrade gracefully for browsers without JavaScript to a redirect CGI script. Highlights of the JavaScript code are discussed in depth with illustrative code fragments.

These popup menus (SELECTs in FORMs) are related, changing one menu changes all submenus, so you can fit entire site hierarchies into one line of popups. A complete rewrite, version 2 features a recursive relate for unlimited levels, and external arrays for multiple related menus per page. Enhanced with JavaScript, they are live for JavaScript-enabled browsers, and gracefully degrade to a redirect CGI so they work on all browsers, either as related (for JavaScript 1.1 browsers), live (JavaScript 1.0 browsers), or as CGI redirects (no-JavaScript). And of course, it's open source.


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Created: Mar. 9, 1997
Revised: Oct. 2, 2001

URL: https://webreference.com/dev/menus/