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3D Animation Workshop: 3D Modeling Tutorials, Lessons, and Software Reviews

An Introduction to 3D
3D models are created by manipulating polygon meshes and molding them into objects, characters and scenes. Even if you don't have formal art training that goes beyond the few classes you took in high school or college you can still do great work in 3D. By Vivek Kumar Bhojnagarwala.
Review: 3ds Max 2009
This new version of 3ds Max offers a wide range of updates to a popular application. This week we look at several of these updates, including: the ViewCube, Steering Wheels, Photometric Lighting, MentalRay ProMaterials and more. By Nathan Segal
Create a 3D Scene with Maya and Photoshop: Part 1
Building and texturing a flying saucer in 3D. By Nathan Segal
Software Review: Informatix Piranesi
A hybrid application between 3D and 2D. By Nathan Segal
3D in Depth: Lighting: Part 2
Lighting continued, including 3 point lighting. By Nathan Segal
3D in Depth: Lighting: Part 1
Introduction to lighting concepts. By Nathan Segal
Book Review: Texturing: Concepts and Techniques
Review with resource material. By Nathan Segal
Book Review: Getting a Job in CG: Real Advice from Reel People
Review with resource material. By Nathan Segal
3D in Depth: Materials: Part 2
Texture creation for your 3D models. By Nathan Segal
3D in Depth: Materials: Part 1
An introduction to materials in 3D. By Nathan Segal
3D in Depth: Cameras
An overview of cameras and how they work in 3D. By Nathan Segal
A Real-World Project
How to use 3D to create images for an art exhibition. By Nathan Segal
Book Review: Stop Staring
This book covers facial modeling and animation. By Jason Osipa. By Nathan Segal
Modeling for Animation
Planning your workflow, including timelines, research, detail, texturing, lighting, final image size, etc. By Nathan Segal
Animation Tips and Tricks
The animation process, including storyboards, file formats, polygon reduction, etc. By Nathan Segal
3D Modeling for Profit
Here, you'll learn how to make ongoing royalties from your 3D models. By Nathan Segal
Swift 3D: Vector Animation for the Web
Swift 3D is a plug-in which converts 3D geometry into vector animation for Flash. By Nathan Segal
Effective Export/Import of 3D Models
Effective Export/Import models from one application to the other. By Nathan Segal

3-D Animation Workshop

The lessons below represent the archived column of Robert Polevoi, with lessons dating from April 1997 - May 2001.

WildTangent for Online Games
Outstanding technology for interactive 3D development.
Welding Vertices in Max 4
Fundamental changes in basic techniques.
New Subdivision Tools in Max 4
Refined control and better integration.
Polygon Basics in Max 4
Editable Poly makes life simpler.
New Polygon Modeling in Max 4
Assessing the Editable Poly revolution.
First Look at Max 4
Initial observations on the new release.
Photorealistic Web 3D for E-Commerce
Kaon Interactive delivers razor-sharp 3D graphics using Java.
From Geometry to Pictures
Basic rendering concepts explained.
Getting Under the Hood
The nuts and bolts of 3D scene descriptions.
Understanding 3D Technologies
Digging deeper to remain competitive.
Scan the Skies!
Designing a Web 3D game.
Designing Web 3D Interfaces
More advanced projects from the new book.
Web 3D 2.0
Interactive projects from my new book on Shout3D.
Second Generation 3D
New technologies are shaping the future.
Finishing the Character
The completed biped figure.
Modeling the Character
Building the basic form.
My Modeling Secret
Making MAX behave.
MAX Character Modeling
Subdivision surfaces introduced.
Character Arms and Legs
On to the extremities.
More Character Skinning
Perfecting the chest.
Skinning a Character Skeleton
Attaching flesh to bones.
Inverse Kinematics in MAX
We dissect a simple chain.
MAX for Character Animation
We start a critical examination.
From Sci-Fi to E-Commerce
Blaxxun's Multi-User 3D Communities
More Rendering Refinements
Caustics add a touch of class.
Refinements in Rendering
Global illumination in Mental Ray 2.1.
Thinking in Pulse 3D
New concepts to ponder in Web 3D.
Lightmaps in Pulse 3D
Great, fast lighting for realtime Web 3D.
The Pulse of Web 3D Entertainment
Character animation for the Internet.
Learning 3D Graphics
The education (or self-education) of the 3D artist.
The New 3D Artist
New opportunities demand new skills.
More Cult3D Interactivity
Building a virtual consumer gadget.
Cult3D Automates Interactivity
Strong authoring tools for Web 3D
Superscape Reborn in Web 3D
New ideas from an old player.
More on MetaStream
A closer look at multi-resolution Web 3D.
3D E-Commerce With MetaStream
The Virtual Store Debuts
VRML to Web 3D Continued
VRML is alive and kicking.
From VRML to Web 3D
The past shapes the present in Web 3D.
Web 3D—Charting a Course
Assessing current options for Web 3D.
Shout is Out!
Some impressive experiments with the new Web 3D package.
Web 3D Gaming
Inside a true Web 3D game built with Shout3D and Java.
JavaScript-Powered Web 3D
Shout3D and JavaScript make a powerful team.
Interactivity in Shout 3D
Shaping the user's experience in Web 3D.
Introducing Shout 3D
First look at the revolution in Web 3D.
New Era in Web 3D
Breakthroughs bring realtime 3D to Web pages.
Notes From SIGGRAPH 99
New products shine at annual 3D industry bash.
A Challenging Model
Building a NURBS violin teaches us strategy and instincts.
3D Studio MAX 3 Reviewed
We assess the new MAX and its impact on the 3D world.
MAX NURBS—Finishing the Piston
We complete our series on MAX NURBS with a finished model.
MAX NURBS—The Piston Project
We try our hand at a complete NURBS model.
Trimming MAX NURBS
We take out our scissors and snip away at NURBS surfaces.
Basic MAX NURBS Patches
We look at the structure of simple NURBS surfaces.
From MAX NURBS to Polygons
We examine how NURBS surfaces become polygonal meshes for rendering.
Basic MAX NURBS Surfaces
We look at sweeping, lathing and lofting NURBS curves.
Introducing MAX NURBS
We begin a series on NURBS modeling in 3D Studio MAX.
Puppet Master Plus
We finish our character animation series with an advanced setup.
Puppet Master
We look at a radically different approach to character animation.
Modeling and Animating
We explore the relationship between modeling and animating a character figure.
Movin' on Up
We turn to forward kinematics to pose our character's arms.
Stepping Nicely
We put together what we've learned to get our character walking.
Using Inverse Kinematics
We learn about methods for creating a realistic stepping motion.
Getting Started with Character Animation
We start a series on character animation using Lightwave 3D.
Surface Suite for Professional Texturing
A look at today's high-end tool for texture mapping.
More Texture Mapping
We put our texture mapping concepts to work.
Texture Mapping Basics
We start a look at wrapping pictures around 3D models.
Nendo -Curves Without Splines
Brilliant tools coax subtle curvature out of polygons.
Low-Polygon Modeling
We build a human head for games or other real-time 3-D use.
Nendo - Innovation in Modeling
The new Nendo modeler is fun, fantastic and almost free.
VRML - Platinum Speaks
Tony Parisi talks about Platinum Technologies' plans for VRML.
VRML - Back From the Brink
Platinum Technologies buys Cosmo, takes charge.
Picture Perfect
Photorealistic smooth objects in Lightscape.
More Radiosity Magic
We add ray-traced refinements to radiosity.
The Natural Magic of Radiosity
Astounding realism with Lightscape.
VRML - Embers in the Ashes
Where does VRML go from here?
VRML - Life After Cosmo?
Thoughts about the crisis in VRML.
Cutting Edge VRML
"State of the Art" VRML from Shout Interactive.
VRML for Web Advertising
We look at some breakthrough "embedded" VRML for Web pages.
Building in Cosmo Worlds
We look at the "DynaControls" for VRML world assembly.
Enter Cosmo Worlds
The definitive VRML authoring package arrives on the PC.
We explore techniques for seamlessly welding NURBS objects together.
SOFTIMAGE—Closing NURBS Surfaces
We play with basic NURBS techniques to create closed surfaces and objects.
SOFTIMAGE—Introducing NURBS Surfaces
Using NURBS, we turn a rigid square into a fluid piece of cloth.
We learn how NURBS improve upon simpler curves for powerful modeling.
SOFTIMAGE—Starting With Splines
We begin a look at true spline modeling in this famous program.
SOFTIMAGE—View From the Top
We start an in-depth look at the Mount Everest of 3-D applications.
3D Hardware Update
We talk to the hardware experts about crashing prices and poweful graphics cards.
VRML 97—Using Authoring Tools
We examine an inexpensive authoring program—Cosmo's Home Space Designer.
VRML 97—Magical Mystery Tour
Take a spin through a VRML world.
VRML 97—Touch and Go!
VRML worlds go interactive.
VRML 97—On the Move
VRML worlds slip into motion.
VRML 97 Free Fall
We leap into VRML space, learning the basics of the new specification.
VRML 97—Now's The Time
We start an in-depth look at this new version of interactive 3-D for the Web.
Animation Tools—MAX vs. Lightwave
Our two professional 3D heavyweights face off in animation tools.
Lightwave Metanurbs
It's Lightwave's turn to shine in our comparison of professional 3-D packages.
3D Studio MAX
We jump right to the ambitious core of this major 3-D application.
Comparing Professional Packages
We start a side-by-side look at two major 3-D packages.
Getting Started in 3-D
Some advice and orientation for the serious 3-D beginner.
The Art of Glass
We finish our still-life with a clear glass beaker.
Metal and Mirrors
We play with reflection and ray tracing to create the feel of metal.
Good Enough to Eat
We create convincing surfaces for our photorealistic scene.
Lights, Shadows and Feelings
We explore the sense of environment to create persuasive 3-D scenes.
Photorealism 101
We begin an exploration of photorealism in 3D, using a still-life.
Bevels and Details
We finish our chest with a look at bevels and multiple surfaces.
Onward and Upward
We continue our modeling project, exploring perspective and orthogonal viewing.
Modeling Like The Pros
We start a realistic modeling project, using professional methods.
More About Surfacing
We look at the ways to get surface texture and "touchable" realism in 3-D objects.
Getting Started With Surfacing
We get oriented with the tools that bring color, realism and imagination to the surfaces of our 3-D objects.
Today's 3-D Workstation
We visit with 3-D hardware experts to learn about the affordable workstations that are bringing 3-D to a wide audience.
Intersecting Spaces
We learn how multiple "spaces" co-exist in a single scene, and about creating families of objects.
Modeling, Modeling
We explore the basics of modeling geometry from scratch, pulling flat objects out into the third dimension.
Mind Candy
Using deformation tools, we animate shapes and consider what it means to create an animation concept.
Bringing It To Life
We learn about keyframing and make a simple object dance and play.
The Software Landscape
Responding to numerous reader requests, we take a quick look over the world of 3-D animation packages.
Lights, Camera, Render!
3-D graphics means not only creating objects in space, but also coating them with exciting, realistic surfaces that interact with light.
Get Primitive
We start modeling using only the simple geometric objects that our applications give us, and good things happen right away.
Let There Be Light
We add a simple light to create shading and shadows, and surprisingly enough, smooth curving surfaces as well.
Building an Object
Using points, we create surfaces, and therefore our first simple object.
Through the Looking Glass
A tutorial on 3D Space that takes a visual approach. Learn how 3D graphic artists break out of their 2D existence and work, and think, in another dimension.